3 Lösungen, um iin einem geteilten Bett Ruhe zu finden

Having a good, slept-in night can do wonders for our physical and mental condition, but many couples often have trouble settling down. There are a number of reasons why the man you love most can turn into a hated sleep-robber by night – cold feet or wrestling around the covers have already darkened many a love-idyll, and there are voices that are common Consider marriage bed as an outdated piece of Biedermeier morality that has persisted to this day and actually belongs to long since abolished. On the other hand, psychologists say that couples who spend the night together have a  stronger emotional attachment why these relationships last longer. If one or both of your life partners find it difficult to rest at night, you may want to try the following solutions before moving to the next door room:

Put an end to the ceiling scramble

Anyone who wakes up at a late hour shivering and uncovered, despite all the love and gentleness may wish the person in charge or even evil, especially when the culprit has rolled up like a burrito and despite all the shaking in spite of not moving. A second blanket provides a simple remedy, with the added benefit of being able to choose the one that best suits your needs. Another plus is that thanks to separate blankets, you will not feel much when the bedridder turns and moves. If you like cuddling under the same blanket, you should at least be advised to choose a blanket one size larger than the bed so that there is certainly enough space underneath for both.

The perfect mattress

Hard or soft? Thanks to modern mattresses, you do not have to come to an unsatisfactory compromise for both. Foam mattresses adapt to the body and weight of both sleepers. Since these mattresses do without springs, the Nachfedern also reduces when the partner moves in his sleep. Today, numerous mattress manufacturers offer solutions that cover the preference of both and integrate them in a common mattress. Find out and invest in a mattress where both find peace and quiet – after all, you spend a considerable amount of your life on it.

Eliminate disturbances

Disturbances range from the familiar snoring on TV and radio to bright mobile phone screens. Here it is up to the noise-generating party to take into account: Smart TVs can be connected via Bluetooth with wireless headphones today and often have a timer function, so they turn off after a certain time by itself and not flicker all night. For mobile phones, there are special apps with blue light filters, which convert the hard light of the screen to a softer, reddish light, which has a positive effect on the sleep rhythm. And according to  https://antischnarchmeister.de  , 90% of all snorers stop snoring in a short time thanks to an anti-snoring splint, which lets the partner sleep through peace and quiet again.

But the most important thing, as in many other aspects of a relationship, is open and honest communication. Anyone who stares at the ceiling at night grudgingly and makes breakfast the next morning at breakfast can not expect the problems to resolve on their own. But you will be amazed what you can achieve together in no time.

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