Embroidery Handstickerei Textil Flächen Workshops Kurse

  • Learn how to stitch textil art – Level: Basic
  • Aprende a Bordar arte textil – Nivel: Básico
  • Sticken Kunst – Basis von Anfang an

Stitching embroidery for beginners with Maru in Charlottenburg.
Future Workshops Satur-DATES ;)

– (April is full)

– (May is full)
– 17th June
– 18th June
– 24th June
– 25 June

– 1st Juli

– 2nd Juli

– 8th Juli

– 9th Juli
– and more coming up


SIGNUP: hola@marucarranza.com
*You could also join a course of three days (any of the dates are available to create a three days course)
Price of the Course 135€ material inclusive.
If you bring a friend you get one more day for free!
In the courses we have plenty of time to develop a couple of projects with much more details and to learn more stitches and techniques.
It’s your chance to learn this lovely art and discover a new passion. Get away from the computer and learn something fun and easy. Keep your mind full of creativity and colors. Express yourself!
This workshop is designed to teach you the basics of stitching on a classical embroidery frame. During the 5 hours this workshop will lead you step by step to creating your own textile artwork.
All tools will be provided but you can always bring your own material. You’ll go home with your own art piece and frame (to purchase separately)


Workshops basics:
– Introduction to classic embroidery
– Learn about the various materials in textil art
– Learn how to choose a color Palette
– Learn stitches and embroidery techniques and how to create designs and Patterns
– Take home your handcrafted art piece
– Keep in touch with your teacher for further questions

Price 40€ (without the Frame)
Frame and more supplies 5-10€ – can be purchased after the class
*Bring a friend and get 20% OFF discount* <<<<<<<<<<<<<
SIGNUP: hola@marucarranza.com
Workshops suitable ages 7+. Discounts for parent/child.
Families and small kids are welcome :)



Nivel: Básico / Advanced
Reserva tu plaza Mensaje Privado o por mail: hola@marucarranza.com
También puedes rellenar el formulario aquí: http://www.marucarranza.com/embroidery-sticken-bordado-workshop-in-berlin-handstickerei-kurse/

*trae un amig@ y te hago un 20% OFF discount*

Normal precio: 40€
Material: trae el tuyo o cómpralo en nuestro taller por 5-10€

Anmeldung hier: hola@marucarranza.com


Eintag Workshops ab drei Personen in meinem Atelier können gebucht werden

Für Erwachsene.
Sticken lernen in kleiner Gruppe von max 6 in eine netten Atmosphäre.

Was sticken Wir?
Freie Motive, Ornamente, Ranken oder Monogramme. Wir führen zu Werkzeug, Material und Grundsticharten ein. Vorlagen sind willkommen.


>> To book a workshop fill in the form in my web

Do you want to learn how to stitch? — Embroidery is a wonderful way to make art.

Embroidery is a creative, intuitive and also meditative activity, in which you can forget the daily stress and come to rest. Gain new energy and recharge your batteries for the everyday life. You can design your personal work. If you have never embroidered, but want to learn it, then the course is suitable for you. In this courses you can learn about fabrics, frames, needles, yarns and various stitches.


You will need:

Cotton or linen or semi-fabric, embroidery thread, matching needles, a pointed scissors, an embroidery frame and a ballpoint pen.

The material can also be purchased from the course instructor from 5 to 10, – €.



Eintag Workshops ab drei Personen in meinem Atelier können gebucht werden

Für Erwachsene.
Sticken lernen in kleiner Gruppe von max 6 in eine netten Atmosphäre.

Was sticken Wir?
Freie Motive, Ornamente, Ranken oder Monogramme. Wir führen zu Werkzeug, Material und Grundsticharten ein. Vorlagen sind willkommen.


Bitte mitbringen:

Stickrahmen, Stickschere, Sticknadeln, Stoffschere, Bleistift, Bügelmusterstift, Klebeband, Stickgarn. Stoff (Uni-Leinen oder Baumwolle).


Workshops Einrichtung:



Basis, Sticken von Anfang an:

Lernen Sie Nadeln, Stoffe, Rahmen, Garne und die verschiedensten Stiche kennen. Kreativität beim Sticken zum Relaxen und sich entfalten. Noch nicht probiert?


11.00  – 16.00 Uhr, inkl. 1/2 Std Mittagspause

Kurskosten:   40 Euro

Der Kurspreis enthält nicht die Materialkosten. Sie können jedoch Ihr eigenes Material mitbringen und ggfs. hier ergänzen.



Anschluss an Basis-Stickkurs

  • Applikations-Techniken
  • Erweiterung der Stiche
  • Perlenstickerei

Embroidery Handstickerei Textil Flächen Workshops Kurse Wann: 25.03.2017 von 11:00 - 16:00
25.02.2017 von 11:00 - 16:00
18.03.2017 von 11:00 - 16:00
06.05.2017 von 11:00 - 16:00
13.05.2017 von 11:00 - 16:00
20.05.2017 von 11:00 - 16:00
27.05.2017 von 11:00 - 16:00
17.06.2017 von 11:00 - 16:30
18.06.2017 von 11:00 - 16:30
24.06.2017 von 11:00 - 16:00
25.06.2017 von 11:00 - 16:00
08.07.2017 von 11:00 - 16:00
09.07.2017 von 11:00 - 16:00
01.07.2017 von 11:00 - 16:00
02.07.2017 von 11:00 - 16:00
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