a loja

„A loja“ is a space made for the fusion of concepts. This colourful place in the heart of Kreuzberg, combines fashion, art and design. It has a great range of thoughts and emotions put together. All the products are handmade and most of them are produced in Berlin, Germany. They are unique items or only in a small edition available. This way we make sure, the goods we sell are made under fair conditions and are produced with social responsibility. Head of this amazing and creative project is the brave and idealistic girl-power of Cátia Garcia, Bille Greten, Esther Nitsche und Agnes Maria Lindner. Together we have established a little melting pot of different styles, various designs and complementary activities. Come by and have a look.


Tuesday to Saturday 12.30 – 20.30
Sunday 13.30 – 20.30

a loja Wo:
a loja
Falckensteinstraße 33
10997 Berlin


[email protected]

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